Here's What an Improved Patient Experience Looks Like

OSRX proudly zigs where others zag. While drug prices soar and the patient experience sours, we’re countering the traditional pharma model by providing quality compounded medications, as prescribed by physicians, that are easy to use and affordable.

We envision an industry that is patient friendly and solution-driven. Instead of traditional multi-drop regimens with complicated dosing schedules, our state-of-the-art 503A compounding pharmacy combines multiple medications into a single bottle to simplify post-op cataract & LASIK care, glaucoma management as well as myopia management. Our affordable, cash-pay business model has no reliance on any public or private health insurance reimbursements. This pragmatic approach to health care promotes compliance and lowers out-of-pocket costs by sparing patients from having to purchase multiple medications. 

We do this because we believe in putting patients ahead of profits. In engineering simple solutions to solve complex problems. In disrupting the status quo. We have A New View of Medicine®.


Dr. Goldberg is the Chief Medical Officer at Ocular Science® (an affiliate of OSRX) and holds a financial stake in the company.