Easy for Everyone

By Elizabeth Wagner, Surgical Director, Insight Eye Center

Elizabeth Wagner began her career as a teacher and principal before shifting to the medical world, where she has spent nearly 10 years as the surgical director for Insight Eye Center in northeast Ohio. She works with Dr. Michael Rom, who has performed more than 34,000 cataract/glaucoma procedures and 36,000 LASIK procedures during two decades of serving the Cleveland area.

Discussing prescribed medications with patients used to be a very difficult conversation. We’d talk about instructions for each individual medication, different times and dosages throughout the day, insurance, and more. Patients were being bombarded and overwhelmed and were often terrified they might mess up.  

So, a few years ago we started working with a compounding pharmacy (not OSRX). We were excited about the medications but had some issues, including a lack of customer service. Then came OSRX, which remedied our pharmacy challenges.

Dr. Rom has nothing but praise for medications compounded by OSRX – it’s a simple one bottle, one drop twice a day routine. Additionally, OSRX offers patient-specific medication that is affordable, and the pricing is transparent, which has been a huge positive for our patients and we no longer hassle with insurance reimbursement. 

For me personally, my life is now more enjoyable and easier when dealing with patients. And partnering with OSRX is a pleasure; they’re a great team. Whether I call them or email, I get a response within minutes. It’s been great.

I’m passionate about what I do, Dr. Rom’s work and ophthalmology. It’s an exciting field, and I love finding ways to improve our patient interaction.

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OSRX operates in compliance with Section 503A regarding compounded drugs as defined in the FD&C Act.

*Compounded drugs are not FDA-approved, which means they have not undergone FDA premarket review for safety, effectiveness, and quality. 503A compounding pharmacies are not required to comply with cGMP requirements but can be inspected by FDA. References available upon request.

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