Give Patients the Gift of Fewer Drops

By Steven R. Sarkisian, Jr., MD, Founder and CEO of Oklahoma Eye Surgeons

To compound or not to compound? That is no longer the question.  With all the incredible advancements in this domain, the updated philosophy for eye care physicians and surgeons should now be, “Friends don’t let friends use multiple bottles of eye drops.”

Specifically, OMNI combination drops from OSRX have radically changed my approach to the management of glaucoma as well as post-op cataract care. I’ve been a surgeon for quite a while and it’s rare to have something that shifts my practice patterns this significantly.

Several studies have demonstrated that patients are more likely to be adherent to their medication if their treatment regimen is simplified.1 To that end, instead of three or four different drops multiple times a day, my patients tell me a once-a-day drop plan or once in the morning and evening is very easy to manage. This simple adherence is crucial to enhancing my patients’ experience. (See a patient describe his experience with OSRX in the video below.)

OSRX Patient Testimonial

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Using compounded drops from a reputable pharmacy like OSRX is not only beneficial for my patients from a compliance standpoint, but also from a cost perspective. In fact, many patients have told me they’re pleasantly surprised by the relatively low cost of compounded drops and the cash price transparency is a shock.*  

And then there’s the hassle factor. It’s a hassle for the patient, doctor and doctor’s staff to deal with conventional pharmacies and insurance coverage for a variety of reasons. Plus, this prescribing approach comes with all kinds of overhead expenses in every doctor’s office – time spent on phone calls to pharmacies, patients and insurance companies trying to figure out which drop is covered; which generic medication is being substituted; which drop is least expensive for my patient while meeting my patient’s clinical needs.**

I’m done with phone-tag, waiting, inefficiency, being a slave to insurance formularies and excessive paperwork. I’m done having my highly skilled and trained staff spend their valuable time jumping through hoops for third parties. 

OSRX has demonstrated truly personalized service for my practice and my patients.  Their customer representatives, who my office staff know very well and reach out to directly, have made the doctor-patient process a relative cinch. Their staff are consumer-oriented. Their online prescribing process is seamless and secure. 

OSRX has become an essential component of my patients’ post-op experience and I’m excited to recommend OSRX to friends and fellow physicians. Using fixed combination drops from the OSRX compound pharmacy is simpler for my patients, my staff and me. It’s high-quality, user-friendly and affordable compounded formulations with no-hassle customer service. 

* OSRX is solely cash-pay, with no reliance on public or private insurance coverage or reimbursement.
** OSRX ships directly to the practice or patient for free.


References & Disclaimers
Compounded medications are generally not reviewed by the FDA for safety or efficacy. OSRX does not compound copies of commercially available products. References available upon request.
Professional Disclosure:  Dr. Sarkisian is on the Medical Advisory Board for Ocular Science® (an affiliate of OSRX) and is an equity owner in the company.
1. Citations: Robin A, Grover DS. Compliance and adherence in glaucoma management. Indian J Ophthalmol. 2011;59 Suppl(Suppl1):S93-S96. doi:10.4103/0301-4738.73693