I See OSRX as the Future of Compounded Ophthalmics

By Steven D. Vold, MD

Dr. Vold, an award-winning, board-certified ophthalmologist based in Fayetteville, Arkansas, specializes in complex glaucoma, advanced cataract and refractive surgery and currently serves as medical director of the Vold Vision clinic and ambulatory surgery center. 

Convenience, affordability, effectiveness, and simplicity have sold me on compounded drops from OSRX®.

I prescribe the fixed combination of Prednisolone, Moxifloxacin and Bromfenac (OMNI by OSRX®) for my refractive corneal laser procedures, including LASIK, PRK and SMILE, as well as my cataract and minimally invasive glaucoma procedures. I sincerely believe this product has enhanced both the patient experience and surgical visual outcomes at my practice.

What I like about compounded drops is that they really help with my patient compliance. Instead of having three different drops, you have the antibiotic, NSAID and steroid in a single bottle. My patients start it three days before surgery and then use it for three or four weeks afterward at three times a day dosing. It has made a huge difference in post-op drop adherence.  

Prednisolone/Moxifloxacin/Bromfenac, Prednisolone/Moxifloxacin and Dexamethasone/Moxifloxacin intracameral injection

Figure 1: OMNI by OSRX compounded formulations, including Prednisolone/Moxifloxacin/Bromfenac (yellow cap), Prednisolone/Moxifloxacin (gray cap) and Dexamethasone/Moxifloxacin intracameral injection (blue cap).

Other benefits are cost and convenience. One bottle of compounded drops from OSRX, instead of the multiple bottles of medication eye patients have used for years, spares them from having to purchase three separate bottles of generic or name brand drops. This is especially important for my patients who have been hit hard by tough financial times in the COVID era. I can save them money and offer them a simplified care regimen. It’s a win-win. 

An additional benefit is the high level of customer service provided by OSRX. Their team works meticulously to ensure each prescribed formulation gets into the hands of patients in a timely manner. They provide my staff with weekly prescription tracking reports and personally call each one of my patients to ensure their experience goes smoothly. Since switching to OSRX, we are no longer inundated with patient, pharmacy and insurance callbacks. 

I am also impressed with OSRX’s optional new text message prescription tracking system. It helps patients who opt-in to know exactly when their drops are being delivered, and I am a big fan of that level of transparency. 

Patient outcomes, flexibility and ease of use are the keys to OSRX’s value, especially for patients who cannot wait for surgery during the COVID era. I recently began prescribing their 2 mL cyclopentolate-phenylephrine formulation to allow my patients to dilate before arriving for surgery. Patients now walk in dilated, have an IV put in their arm and are in and out of the office inside of an hour, which is incredible. This is a huge benefit, especially during COVID.

I have worked with other compounding pharmacies in the past and prefer OSRX, and I urge my peers to consider compounded formulations from OSRX for all the patient-related benefits I outlined above. This company has taken compounded ophthalmic products to a whole other level, especially when it comes to customer service. 

At OSRX, the leadership is outstanding. They make sure your patients are truly being taken care of at the highest level. Overall, working with them has been a huge win.



Compounded medications are generally not reviewed by the FDA for safety or efficacy. OSRX does not compound copies of commercially available products. References available upon request.

Professional Disclosure:  Dr. Vold is on the Medical Advisory Board for Ocular Science® (an OSRX affiliate) and has a financial interest in the company.

OSRX operates in full compliance with Section 503A regarding compounded drugs as defined in the FD&C Act.

*Compounded medications are generally not reviewed by the FDA for safety or efficacy. OSRX does not compound copies of commercially available products. References available upon request.

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