How to Prescribe

Prescriptions can be submitted to OSRX using your practice's e-Rx system (click for instructions) or our fax Rx forms.  

New prescribers of OMNI cataract or LASIK combo medications must complete our account form. Upon receipt, an OSRX representative will promptly contact you to answer any questions and discuss pricing, ordering, shipping, patient educational materials, etc.

New prescribers of our OMNI glaucoma combo formulations or atropine drops do not need to create an account and can begin prescribing immediately using fax order forms or an e-Rx system. 

COMING SOON:  We're launching an OSRX Prescriber Portal that will feature online prescribing, order tracking, payment, automated patient notifications and many other efficiencies to streamline our ordering processes. Accounts will be notified in the coming weeks when the portal goes live.


Unfortunately, due to HIPAA laws, we cannot accept any prescription through email.