Using OSRX Post-Op Drops For 20,000+ Implantation Surgeries

Gary Wörtz, M.D., is a surgeon, consultant, educator, inventor, podcaster and entrepreneur. He’s also a comprehensive ophthalmologist at Commonwealth Eye Surgery in Lexington, KY and one of the busiest cataract and refractive surgeons in the country. His primary focuses are refractive surgery, cornea and ocular surface disease as well as ophthalmic research; he’s an Associate Professor of Ophthalmology at his alma mater, the University of Kentucky; Wörtz founded Omega Ophthalmics to develop an intraocular implant platform and co-founded Accurate Inventions to provide evidence-based guidance for surgical correction of astigmatism globally; Wörtz has been granted more than 65 U.S. and international patents; he hosts the podcast Ophthalmology Off the Grid; and he’s listed in the top 100 Power List by The Ophthalmologist.

My core passion is solving problems, which is why I love cataract surgery. It’s not just treatments; it’s analyzing challenges from different perspectives and trying to develop new solutions. 

This problem-solving philosophy is what led me to OSRX®

Before partnering with OSRX, one of our biggest pain points was getting patients to correctly administer the drops we prescribed. We also had problems with pharmacy swaps – many times, pharmacists would change the prescription to a different medicine, or sometimes a different class or potency of medication that required different dosing instructions. 

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Many patients wound up confused about which drops to take and when, and they were often running out of the medication. Before OSRX, we needed full-time staff dedicated to handling this challenge.

There’s an old saying: “When you’re explaining, you’re losing.” By prescribing OSRX’s customized combination OMNI drops, we are eliminating unnecessary chaos because we can control the exact medication, quantity and dosing instructions that patients receive. In addition, our staff has such a good relationship with the folks at OSRX, they never come to me with issues. It has been a flawless experience for more than four years. We’ve performed probably 20,000 surgeries without a slowdown. We get their product without a hitch.

A few years ago, compounded drops were a bit more avant-garde, a bit more on the cutting-edge. Today, the industry has practically flipped. For me, it’s been such a benefit to our practice, I can’t imagine life without OSRX.  And based on the feedback we’ve received, our patients can’t either. Patients love the ease with which they can get the exact medication we prescribe for them without the hassle or surprises at the pharmacy and rave about their experience using OSRX for the compounded medications we prescribe for them.

Refractive cataract surgery is almost like performing a miracle every 10 minutes; we’re solving a problem for the lifetime of the patient. I feel successful when satisfied patients provide positive feedback and OSRX is an integral part of their satisfaction. Making a difference in people’s lives never gets old.

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Post-op medications carry serious risks, including burning and stinging upon instillation, allergic conjunctivitis and bitter taste in mouth. Click here to view potential adverse events and contraindications.

Professional Disclosure: Dr. Wörtz is on the Medical Advisory Board for Ocular Science® (an affiliate of OSRX) and has a financial interest in the company.

OSRX medications carry serious risks. Please click here to view potential adverse events and contraindications.

*For professional use only. OSRX specializes in customizing compounded medications to meet unique patient and practitioner needs. Compounded drugs are not FDA-approved, which means they have not undergone FDA premarket review for safety, effectiveness, and quality.